The Saddest Music Ever Made Pt 1: Boduf Songs

Boduf Songs is Mat Sweet from Southampton. His eponymous first album was released in 2005.

The setup is simple – double tracked vocals, acoustic guitar, minimal instrumentation. If this sounds a little like Elliott Smith it may be because Matt Sweet is actually Elliott Smith’s evil twin. Or maybe he is the goth Simon and Garfunkal. One thing is for sure – Boduf Songs create some of the loneliest and darkest music ever made.

The Smiths are sad. But they are sad in a ‘My Girlfriend has left me’ kind of way. Boduf Songs are sad in a “serial killer has just ripped out my girlfriends spinal column and beaten my puppy to death with it” kind of way.

His most recent album How Shadows Chase The Balance, contains some of his most accessible music yet. The opening track Mission Creep is probably Sweet’s most beautiful song to date. However it is not exactly radio-friendly, with the opening lyrics reading more like a cry for help than a statement of intent : “all of my heroes died the same day…swinging from nooses, wrists open wide, arteries spilt at their sides”. Yikes!

If you are the sort of person who thinks that the White Lies are the rightful inheritor of Joy Division’s bleak estate, prepare to be turned inside out by Boduf Songs. And remember, no sharp objects allowed.

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